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The Life Raft Group is introducing a new formula in cancer management - The Side Effects Quotient: the degree or amount of the impact of the side effects of your treatment on your quality of life. Side EQ empowers people living with cancer to manage their side effects so that they can improve their quality of life and thrive despite cancer treatment.

By better understanding your Side Effects Quotient, your SideEQ, you can begin to work towards your personal side effects solution.

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Patients and Caregivers

  • Track your side effects and compare your experiences to others like you
  • Learn best practices from experts
  • Read patient tips and submit your own
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  • Share best practices with the patient community
  • Learn valuable real world patient tips
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People living with cancer gain valuable insights into symptoms and side effects management to share with their physicians and other patients.

The research community can better understand side effects and quality of life impact on cancer treatments to identify opportunities for better drug research.

We can learn which side effects are treatment-related, disease-related or due to associated medications.

By finding ways to mitigate the negative side effects intrinsic to many medications, patients can optimize their medications and improve treatment outcomes.

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